How Can I connect Debug board?

JinKyoungKwon rcnzzang at
Wed Dec 5 09:55:11 CET 2007

Hi Guys;

I have a question.



How Can I connect Debug board?


I connected neo , debug-board and my PC using 1cable, 2 usb cable in my neo
- box.


I connected my PC with debug-board using USB Cable.

I connected debug-board with Neo using Debug Cable.

Then debug-board light on green.



Do I need more connecting ?


If I need more connecting, could you show me a picture ?  


My small black connector cover on neo1973 is destroyed.

I had pushed reset button on bebug-board but Nothing happened..


Plz, teach me how to I can use debug board.

Please ~


Thanks & Best Regards. 

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