Problems, dfu-util in 2007.11, new uboot needed?

Lars Hallberg lah at
Wed Dec 5 11:37:16 CET 2007

I was planing to flash 2007.11 but..

1) The dfu-util in 
don't work at all on my ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy). md5sums match... Anyone
had any luck with it? Any other dfu-utils? I found one from april, it 
run but feels little old.

2) README.html says to upgrade uboot to the august snapshot... I have no 
debugboard and if I have to upgrade uboot I want to do it as few time 
ass possible (and as secure as possable). Ther is a far newer uboot in 
the 2007.11 snapshot itself. I asume it is not stable yet (giving the 
august snapshot recommendation).

2.1) Howe important is it to upgrade uboot at all for the 2007.11? 
anyone running it on an older uboot (my is from May)?

2.2) Else, I might wait for the new uboot to be stable.... in the mean 
time. Have anyone upgraded to 2007.11 (from august snapshot) with ipkg? 
What might brake? I don't really need the phone functionality right now.


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