Making and receiving calls on 2007.11

Mike Dransfield mike at
Wed Dec 5 15:45:10 CET 2007

I have just flashed the new 2007.11 build.

Firstly I would like to say how much it has improved since the last 
snapshot I tried (well done everyone involved :))

I am trying to make and/or receive phone calls, but neither works.

The SIM registers with my network and I get the popup saying the signal 
strength etc.

When I try to dial I get a dbus error about "Method 'Dial' with 
signature 's' on interface 'org.openmoko.Dialer' does not exist".  
Restarting dbus does not help, it gives me an error about not being able 
to connect to dbus.

If I try to call the phone, the phone appears to ring but it does not 
and eventually goes to voicemail.  I could hear the normal GSM sound 
through my PC speakers so I think something is connecting to the phone.

Its a vodaphone SIM in the UK, I am fairly sure alsa is working because 
I get system sounds.

Can anyone help with this?  I dont have any log file to produce because 
its hard to get the neo on a network (Changing the default network from 
192.168.0.x would REALLY REALLY help).  I used to telnet in each time 
and change the ip address manually, but life is too short to peck away 
in a terminal 2"x3" :)

Does anyone have any pointers?


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