Problems, dfu-util in 2007.11, new uboot needed?

Philippe MONROUX phi2-monroux at
Thu Dec 6 05:20:57 CET 2007

De (from) (von), Lars Hallberg <lah at> :

> 2) README.html  says to  upgrade uboot to  the august  snapshot... I
> have no debugboard and if I have to upgrade uboot I want to do it as
> few time  ass possible (and  as secure as  possable). Ther is  a far
> newer uboot in the 2007.11 snapshot itself. I asume it is not stable
> yet (giving the august snapshot recommendation).

I've flashed u-boot-gta01bv4-1.3.0+git20071201+svnr3484-r0.bin. 
Now  I can't  boot directly  with the  power button.  I can  only with
u-boot menu

Is it dangerous  to come back an earlier u-boot (must  I nand erase or
anything else ?)
Philippe MONROUX

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