usb network dongle (was Re: dhcp on usb0)

Rod Whitby rod at
Fri Dec 7 06:36:16 CET 2007

Robin Paulson wrote:
> this is kind of going off at a tangent, but are there any decent usb
> network interfaces with linux drivers included in OM? personally, i
> would rather connect my neo direct to the router in my house than have
> to boot a computer as well, whenever i want to update packages. or are
> there other reasons to make this impractical?

If your router has a USB host port, and is listed as supported on, or on (look under SlugOS or Optware),
then you can run the neo as a client of the router directly through USB.

No need for another dongle, and no power issue, and the neo charges
while it's connected to.

-- Rod

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