GSM Tech (was: Re: Is GSM a blackbox in OpenMoko)

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at
Sat Dec 15 04:41:55 CET 2007

(just a couple of additional comments to what Steve says)
Steve writes:
>The GSM Modem as a black box:
>>From my understanding of the NEO 1973, the GSM modem is roughly
>analogous to a computer modem from the past.  (Not the cheap "winmodems"
>that are so abundant these days.)  It is connected via a serial
>connection to the portion that runs open software and communicates over
>the GSM network.  TI has provided a set of "AT" commands to preform a
>limited subset of the functionality that the modem is capable of.  If
>you want to use more advanced or unintended functionality, you'll have
>to figure out how to do that on your own.

The AT commands are actually part of the GSM standard (I don't know if
TI has agumented, nor if they've implemented all of them).  My
understanding is that getting any additional functionality out of it
starts with prying the cover off the chip and goes downhill from
there :) 

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