GSM Tech

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at
Sat Dec 15 16:28:45 CET 2007

Steve writes:
>I'd agree with the statement about the AT commands, but I do think its
>probably possible to get unintended functionality out of the GSM modem
>without resorting to decapping the chip.  After all that is exactly what
>the unlockers are doing.
>The unlockers are probably a major reason why TI is so paranoid about
>the workings of their chipset since that is where the SIM and provider
>locks are usually implemented.  I wish I could give you more information
>about the techniques they use, but I don't know what they are.  It would
>be interesting to find out, but FIC may not appreciate the discussion on
>their mailing list either.

I hadn't thought of that -- now I do find myself wondering where and
how the locks are really implemented....

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