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Steve openmokolists at
Sat Dec 15 18:56:01 CET 2007

Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> Steve writes:
>> The unlockers are probably a major reason why TI is so paranoid about
>> the workings of their chipset since that is where the SIM and provider
>> locks are usually implemented.  I wish I could give you more information
>> about the techniques they use, but I don't know what they are.  It would
>> be interesting to find out, but FIC may not appreciate the discussion on
>> their mailing list either.
> I hadn't thought of that -- now I do find myself wondering where and
> how the locks are really implemented....

The only information I have comes from discussions by the iPhone
unlockers.  Most unlockers seem to be very private with their
discoveries, (maybe I just don't know where to look) some of the iPhone
unlockers are less so.

The topic is very interesting to me being a low level assembly kind of
guy, as well as residing in the US where we get hit with the double
whammie of both contracts and locking.

Torsten Schlabach wrote:
> Well, as Neo's don't come with a SIM lock, there's hardly a point
> here.

Actually, I bet that this chip set is used in phones which do come
locked and TI is worried that info gleaned from an open phone could aid
in unlocking other phones using the same chip set.


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