Battery draining even when OM powered down

Alex Riesen fork0 at
Mon Dec 17 19:52:56 CET 2007

Nick Guenther, Mon, Dec 17, 2007 16:55:51 +0100:
> On 12/17/07, Jean-Michel Bouffard <jean-michel.bouffard at> wrote:
> > My GTA01 phone is connected to my laptop most of the time but when I am
> > leaving with my laptop, I have to disconnect the phone. So what I do is
> > that I disconnect the phone from USB then from the power menu on the
> > phone I select "Shutdown Now". The problem is that most of the time if
> > the phone stays like that for more than 2 days, when I come back I
> > cannot power up the phone and I need to connect it for 12 hours.
> >
> > Anyone could confirm that behavior?
> """Also, it is currently unclear how "off" a powered down Neo really
> is. So to avoid having to go through the emergency charging procedure
> outlined below (which will keep you from using your Neo for hours)
> make sure that you pull the battery from the device when you are not
> using it"""

Yeah, but does anyone actually _know_ if this is going to change for
GTA01Bv4? (the one from the first batch) Is there (will be?) a way to
switch off the GTA01Bv4 completely, without going through manually
disconnecting the battery?

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