Suspend issues with GSM modem?

Nick Guenther kousue at
Thu Dec 20 00:39:37 CET 2007

On 12/19/07, Lorn Potter <lpotter at> wrote:
> Michael Lauer wrote:
> > "Jørgen P. Tjernø" wrote:
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> >> I've recently left my Neo1973 silent and lonely, due to being swamped
> >> with projects and school. But smoe time ago I heard there was an issue
> >> with the GSM modem after resuming from suspend - and this prevents the
> >> batterytime to getting even close to bearable.
> >
> > Right.
> >
> >> Is this still present?
> >
> > Unfortunately yes.
> >
> >> What're the specifics of the issue, and are the
> >> OpenMoko-guys working on it? Is it a software issue, or an actual
> >> hardware defect?
> >
> > IIRC this is missing some glue in the kernel to set the serial port
> > and/or modem back to a known state before gsmd continues to read from
> > it. If you can't find a bug in bugzilla about that, please open one.
> > Feel free to rate it as BLOCKER.
> >
> I am not so sure that's necessarily the whole issue. Of course, I could
> be wrong.
> I haven't tried this with openmoko/gsmd, but if you delete the ttySAC0
> and then create it again before you power it up (like I do with the
> qtopia startup script), at least with Qtopia, suspend/resume starts
> working more or less correctly. (this doesn't matter if there is a
> /dev/ttySAC0 entry in bootloader or not) It even wakes up for an
> incoming voice call. More or less. If it were a simply a matter of
> putting the chip/serial device into a known state on resume before you
> read from it, this would probably not work at all with Qtopia.
> Unfortunately, the device (at least mine), occasionally gets into a
> state where it won't wake up, (or powers itself down), and requires a
> battery pull. But I have gone at least a day and half without plugging
> in the neo (could be two), and having a workable phone.

You mean as described
Um, an annoying newbie question (but that will probably help a lot of
people:) could you post the commands for deleting/creating a device? I
fought with makedevs for an afternoon and couldn't figure it out.


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