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Mon Dec 24 23:30:39 CET 2007

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In order to make it easier to track updates to the Qtopia 4.3.1 snapshots, 
I made a git repository out of them that gets automatically updated.

First, a question: Are the only builds of the Qtopia snapshots for Neo1973 
published by Trolltech?  (And a subtext: Anyone interested in working on 
builds for an unofficial branch?)

What I'm doing is, automatically (every night), untarring the snapshots 
into a git repository at git:// , which 
is readable in a gitweb at .

Many of the snapshots contain the same contents, but if the automatic 
script detects changes, it commits them and pushes them to this git 

My current primary interest in the Qtopia GPL edition is for my HTC 
Universal, which runs it very nicely including sleep and wake-up, SMS, and 
voice calls. My interest in the git repositories lies from wanting to 
publish a modified version of Qtopia that's easy to merge changes into as 
Trolltech updates their code.  I'm sure there are Neo1973 users who would 
like to hack on the Trolltech code or have an easy source repository from 
which to get updates. is where I'll be posting any 
more information; you're welcome to reply to this thread too. If you're 
working on a fork of Qtopia, I'd love to give out git commit access so you 
can publish a branch on my git if you like.

Similarly, if people want to publish their Qtopia-based applications in a 
git repository, just ask me! (Replying here is fine.)

-- Asheesh.

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