My new mobile

Linda Lind olindalind at
Sun Dec 30 09:48:10 CET 2007

Thank you Andy!
That's what I want to do, but I dont understand how to start.
To get the system working on the computer.
I dont understand the instruktions in the wiki I need help with the
basic teknic to set up the dfu-util to work on my opensuse.
2007/12/30, andy selby <andyfrommk at>:
> > Hi!
> > I need some help with my new mobile!
> > I dont understand where to start!
> > I run openSuse 10.2.
> > What am I supposed to install on my PC to get the option to connect to my neo?
> > Or how do I do to  install dfu-util?
> > Is there any simpel howto for a newbie?
> > Please help me!!!!
> > //Linda
> Go to and follow the
> instructions there.
> If your not a developer, just someone who wants a functional phone I
> would advise you to install qtopia on your neo
> get the tarball from here
> and
> unzip it to get the rootfs and kernel.


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