Help with DFU Mode (P1 Device)

Bobby Edmonds bobby.edmonds at
Mon Jul 30 01:19:13 CEST 2007

I cannot get my unit into DFU Mode.

When I get the boot menu if I do a "dfu-util -l" I get the following
(Runtime Mode):

dfu-util - (C) 2007 by OpenMoko Inc.
This program is Free Software and has ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

Found DFU Runtime: [0x1457:0x5119] devnum=18, cfg=0, intf=2, alt=0,
name="USB Device Firmware Upgrade"

If I select "Set console to USB" it briefly displays another screen that
says "Press [AUX] to return to boot menu" and then rolls back to the
boot menu.

I tried just doing the kernel update from this point with:
"dfu-util -a 3 -R -D

and I get:

Opening USB Device 0x0000:0x0000...
Claiming USB DFU Runtime Interface...
Cannot claim interface: could not claim interface 2: No such file or


Any help would be appreciated. 



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