neo is dead, what should i do?

esw at esw at
Wed Oct 10 18:52:32 CEST 2007

> > my neo doesn't respond to anything anymore. I already tested it with a
> > definitely fully loaded battery of a neo from a friend, so it is not the
> > deep-discharged-problem.

But it sounds similar to the problem I had a while back where whenever
you put the battery in it would just turn on with a solid white screen
and the vibrator on full blast.  I ended up having to leave the
battery out overnight.  I put it back in breifly after 3hours and that
wasn't long enough, it was still white screen of deathed.  But after a
total of 8 hours with the battery out then when I put the battery back
in it booted normally.

Good luck,

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