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Harald Welte laforge at
Sat Oct 13 17:55:14 CEST 2007

On Fri, Oct 12, 2007 at 10:23:07AM +0100, David Corking wrote:
> On 10/11/07, Dan wrote:
> > I have a NEO1973 and the "Set Console to USB" option does not appear in
> > u-boot. It's a pretty recent version, when I try and connect to the usb port
> > the client connects but does not display anything and I certainly can't send
> > any commands (crlf's appear as ^M)
> The u-boot that shipped with my Neo has the USB console (which works
> fine on Mac OS X with AJzaurus USB.)  Unfortunately I don't have the
> version number of that at hand at the moment.

it's not that muhc a question of u-boot, but a question of what is in
your environment partition (stdin/stdout/stderr).

Ideally somebody should write a small script that utilizes dfu-util and from devirginator to 

1) read out the existing u-boot_env partition using dfu upload
2) modify the stdin/stderr/stdout settings to use usbtty
3) re-upload the u-boot_env partition using dfu download

It's actually a pretty straight-forward task. If somebody wanted to
volunteer to work on this, please don't do unless you have a debug board
for resurrection during testing ;)

Using such a script, it would be easy to 

Later on, that script could be further developed into something like a
'neo1973 environment sanitizer' which goes through the environment and
sets all settings to reasonable defaults.  It could even support an
interactive mode where you can (on the host pc, operating ont he
environment partition copy) use printenv/setenv/saveenv statements.

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