nameresolution does not work

Markus Fischer info at
Sun Oct 14 16:07:36 CEST 2007

Thanks for the replies!

Actually I do have the following entries in /etc/resolv.conf on the Neo:

nameserver [being the wireless router]
nameserver [being the IP from my ISP]
nameserver [second IP from ISP]

/etc/resolv.conf on my laptop

Behind the wireless router is a second router/firewall

Still can ping any IP in the Internet but no nameresolution working from the 

I am fideling around with the /etc/resolv.conf(s) but still can't get it 

Thanks for hints!


PS: also tried to install dnrd  as local DNS-Server as described in the wiki, 
which does not really work. The script terminates with "./script_open_moko: 
line 97: -a: command not found", so perhaps a not fully correct dnrd 
installation is the cause of trouble?

Am Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2007 14:12 schrieb Rakesh Pandit:

> Most probably you do not have your DNS server entries in your
> resolv.conf file on Neo. Enter all DNS servers and the host name to
> your resolv.conf on Neo.
> nameserver <DNS server ip>
> nameserver <Sec DNS server ip>
> -- 
> Regards
> Rakesh

Zitat von Lucas Bonnet <lbonnet at>:

> Sounds like you did not follow the "resolv.conf step".
> Edit /etc/resolv.conf and put "nameserver XXX", with XXX being one
> nameserver
> that you can reach (ie. your ISP's nameserver).
> In doubt, have a look at your laptop's resolv.conf and simply copy the
> entries.
> Regards,
> - --
> Lucas

Am Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2007 13:58 schrieb Markus Fischer:
> Hello,
> Got this strange problem that the namesersolution does not work from my Neo
> into the internet...
> I can ssh into the phone
> I can ping my laptop, my router and every IP-Number in the internet from
> the Neo
> But if I enter a name instead of an IP for a ping, like "ping
>", it results in a "hostname look up failure".
> My System is Fedora 5 and I did try
> Thanks for any ideas!
> Markus

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