nameresolution does not work [kind of resolved]

Stanislav Karchebny berkus at
Sun Oct 14 17:59:28 CEST 2007

On Sunday 14 October 2007 18:42:49 Markus Fischer wrote:

> /usr/local/sbin/dnrd -a -s192.168.10.1 -u
> flyingfischer -d3 -moff

Change script:

On Fedora, due to paranoid security you cannot run this script in sudo, you 
need to start it as root (that's why it doesn't find anything in /sbin for 
you). But since you changed the paths, it should manage to run in sudo now as 

> Something with the script seems to be wrong for my system (Fedora 5).
> > giving me:
> > # ./
> > getpwnam: Success
> > ERROR: Could not become "dnrd" user. Please create the user account or
> >  specify a valid user with  the -u option.
> > ./ line 75: eth1: command not found
> > SIOCADDRT: Die Datei existiert bereits (file already exists)
> > ./ line 97: -a: command not found

> to
> IFCONFIG=`/sbin/ifconfig`
> DNRD=`/usr/local/sbin/dnrd`
> IPTABLES='/sbin/iptables'
> ROUTE='/sbin/route'

WRONG! You used backticks here, which effectively cause these programs to run 
in place. Use normal single or double quotes for all program paths in these 
four lines and it all will be fine.

Best regards,
Stanislav Karchebny

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