nameresolution does work / ipkg update not

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at
Mon Oct 15 07:43:50 CEST 2007

On Mon, 15 Oct 2007, Markus Fischer wrote:

> hmm, seems to be be a problem with the iptables/Firewall...
> works, ftp not. I did temporarely disable the firewall and ipkg 
> update && ipkg upgrade works...
> Do not like to shut down the firewall everytime. What should I allow or 
> how can I change the script to work correctly with my Fedora 5 
> Dinosaur-System?

Is HTTP available instead?  Try that.

For what it's worth, FTP causes an allergic reaction in many firewall 
systems; you might find "passive mode FTP" is available and that using it 
would decrease firewall problems.

-- Asheesh.

I'm so broke I can't even pay attention.

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