JTAG problem with latest Neo?

The Shonko Kid shonko_kid at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 15 14:12:34 CEST 2007

I received another Neo Advanced last week, and I seem to be having problems
using it with my current OpenOCD install, which I have been using for months on
my original Neo.

I noticed that now the Advanced is shipping with v3 of the Debug Board, and
this seems to behave subtly different to the v2 version (it works better with
the usb cable to the Neo plugged into a separate port in the host, rather than
the ones on the board). But even using my original board (and flexi) I still
get problems:

Although it connects to the device, many commands (especially load_binary) end
up causing this error;

Error:   arm7_9_common.c:563 arm7_9_execute_sys_speed(): timeout waiting for

In the OpenOCD console.

Having looked on the net, it seems that a suggested cure for this is to slow
down the JTAG connection, using the 'jtag_speed' line in the config file. The
value set on the Wiki is 0, but I've tried a number of other values (1, 2 , 3,
4, 64!), and it doesn't actually seem to make much of a difference.

So, has anyone else seen this problem with the JTAG? Is it just a config
problem, or has my new Neo got a fault?

Thanks for any info.

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