JTAG problem with latest Neo?

The Shonko Kid shonko_kid at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 15 22:43:28 CEST 2007

Possibly another symptom;

It seems that this new Neo is incredibly slow when uploading new firmware - it
took about 40 minutes to flash the kernel partition, and the battery died on
the rootfs after 2 hours at ~30% done!

I'm wondering if there is either a problem with the NAND or a clock setting is
way out.

--- The Shonko Kid <shonko_kid at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I received another Neo Advanced last week, and I seem to be having problems
> using it with my current OpenOCD install, which I have been using for months
> on
> my original Neo.
> I noticed that now the Advanced is shipping with v3 of the Debug Board, and
> this seems to behave subtly different to the v2 version (it works better with
> the usb cable to the Neo plugged into a separate port in the host, rather
> than
> the ones on the board). But even using my original board (and flexi) I still
> get problems:
> Although it connects to the device, many commands (especially load_binary)
> end
> up causing this error;
> Error:   arm7_9_common.c:563 arm7_9_execute_sys_speed(): timeout waiting for
> In the OpenOCD console.
> Having looked on the net, it seems that a suggested cure for this is to slow
> down the JTAG connection, using the 'jtag_speed' line in the config file. The
> value set on the Wiki is 0, but I've tried a number of other values (1, 2 ,
> 3,
> 4, 64!), and it doesn't actually seem to make much of a difference.
> So, has anyone else seen this problem with the JTAG? Is it just a config
> problem, or has my new Neo got a fault?
> Thanks for any info.
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