Kit has arrived

David Corking lists at
Thu Oct 18 11:19:00 CEST 2007

On 10/18/07, 7150 wrote:
> My advanced kit has arrived. I'm reading "Flashing openmoko" now on the
> wiki.
> I plugged the Neo in to charge. Quite unexpectedly, it went through a
> boot sequence and stopped on a kernel panic at "Warning: Unable to open
> on initial console." I suspect this is normal because I have done
> nothing to the machine yet. I turned it off and left it on charge.

This is normal.

may give some reassurance.

> I am very impressed with the quality of the package and the phone.

Me too - I love the stylus pen.  I guess FIC want developers to be
advocates for the phone, which is fine by me.

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