GSM Howto

Kai Winter kaiwinter at
Thu Oct 18 17:06:49 CEST 2007

Since a few day I own a Neo. After getting it alive with OpenMoko and 
even Qtopia (which ran both great) I tried to make a phone call.

Now, I'm giving up. After reading many entries in bugzilla and of course 
the wiki I'm frustrated that no where could something be found like "how 
to make a phone call" explaining the whole process from choosing the 
right kernel and rootfs to make the necessary changes at the system.

I already played around with this ttySAC0 Device, I even could 
communicate with the network via AT commands. But the UI (OpenMoko nor 
Qtopia) couldn't. Somehow the gsmd and ttySAC Device can't get a connection.

Can't anybody write a COMPLETE howto. I think this prblem concerns so 
many developers...

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