Getting Started

7150 linux.1 at
Sun Oct 21 02:34:03 CEST 2007

Status report.

I am still playing with Qtopia image. I can place and receive calls. The
phone vibrates once then rings on incoming calls with default settings.
I edited the General profile to turn off the vibrator.

I have not figured out how to change the ring tone (which is quite nice).

Signal strength indicator works, network is identified as T-Mobile.

I was able to use power management to cycle the display through dim to
off after adjustable time periods. This means the idle phone now does
not waste power on back-lighting while charging (as my Samsung does).

I understand power consumption is still an issue.

I have a lot to learn. If I use this image, I need to find/develop a way
to backup data on the phone (if that does not already exist). The little
note taking application needs a better on screen keyboard. I could find
no Norwegian keyboard - another project. I need a simple database.

And, I have not even looked at the OpenMoko image yet.

This should be a fun winter.


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