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Sun Oct 21 09:07:13 CEST 2007

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> Lest anyone think the above means the Qtopia image is usable, be assured
> it is not. All those things work, but the phone is quite unstable, with
> functions failing rather arbitrarily. The machine may crash when
> changing power modes (plug usb in or out). The display may randomly stay
> on instead of dimming. Restarting Qtopia often does not fix the problem.
> A total reboot is required. Amazing what an hour or so will show up.
> Tomorrow I will try the OpenMoko image. Maybe in a week or so I will
> have a plan for which way to go.
> George

Thanks for your very useful observations George, keep them coming!

It seems that I run into this dreaded GSM850 SIM problem because I cannot make 
the gsm work in neither qtopia nor openmoko images. I tried a few ones of 
them already to no avail :(

Best regards,
Stanislav Karchebny

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