audible ringer?

Ian Darwin ian at
Sun Oct 21 22:37:38 CEST 2007

Vincenzo Ciaglia wrote:

> Excuse me it was just a "keep up the good work" for the Qtopia team. I
> suggested a lot of problem with audio, now maybe solved, but however i
> think that there are many other things to fix. 
> And yes, i like and use OpenMoko. I still prefer it for some personal
> reasons. Where's the problem? 

Please don't take offense where none was intended. As well, this was 
directed at the list at large, which is why I said "anyone" rather than 

There is no problem with your posting QTopia stuff here; I was only 
commenting (as amended by Mr. Bormann) that people be precise about what 
they are reporting on - whether using this "foreign" :-) QTopia software 
or OpenMoko, and what exact version the problem or success is being 


P.S. while we're on the issue of mailing list etiquette, I do wish more 
people would use "reply" instead of "reply all" - most list readers 
don't need two copies of everything. Thanks.

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