SIM card woes

Anuj Sawani xeonclub at
Tue Oct 23 18:04:13 CEST 2007

Well, the wiki says a firmware update for the modem is possible, but I'm not sure how. They are coordinating with TI to get the update out as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, here is a wiki page describing the SIM cards that work and that dont:

Also, here is the bug reported for the AT&T 3G simcards:

Maybe the bad luck associated with this bug has something to do with its bug ID (666) :P

Anyway, hope this helps.


Nick Guenther <kousue at> wrote: On 10/23/07, Anuj Sawani  wrote:
> > Nick Guenther  wrote:
> >  I was having problems getting GSM to work on my neo. Eventually a
> > thought struck me: maybe my SIM is 'locked' (which I still don't fully
> > understand what that means), and so I tried a friend's SIM which I was
> > sure was unlocked and lo and behold: I could connect. So now I either
> > need to shell out for an unlocked SIM, or see if I can figure out how
> > to get it unlocked.
> >
> > Does anyone know how to determine via AT commands if a SIM card is
> > locked? It would be useful if gsmd could alert the user to this.
> >
> > -Nick

> Hi Nick,
> Which network does your SIM belong to?
> As of now, the neo has problems with certain 3G sim cards. There is a
> firmware update coming out soon and I guess we will have to wait for that.
> I have an AT&T/Cingular 3G sim and it does not work at all.
> - Anuj

I have Rogers. My friend's card was also Rogers, but he bought it
telling them "I have an unlocked phone" and they sold him it for 35$.
Anyway, in Canada, except for "Ice Wireless" in the north, Rogers owns
all of GSM (because the CRTC are stupid), so it's definitely not that
the phone can't talk to Rogers.

The firmware update, is that for the modem or just the OS
(kernel/rootfs)? Can the modem's firmware even be updated?


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