uboot hangs?

Terje Sannum terje at waste.org
Tue Oct 23 20:09:34 CEST 2007

Yup, I'm experiencing the same. Boot hangs at spash screen when I
don't hold in the AUX button or have the USB cable connected.
I'm using "U-Boot 1.2.0-moko11_r2 (Aug 31 2007 - 03:52:54)"

On 10/23/07, Nick Guenther <kousue at gmail.com> wrote:
> When I first got my neo it booted fine (well, besides lacking a
> rootfs). Now, however, if I just turn it on (holding just [POWER]) it
> hangs immediately at the first splash screen (before loading the
> kernel). The strange thing, though, is that if I hold [AUX]+[POWER]
> and then select "Boot" at the uboot menu it boots fine, and also if it
> happens to be plugged in via USB at the time it boots fine.
> The software on the device right now is:
> u-boot-gta01bv4-1.2.0+git20070917+svnr2943-r0.bin
> uImage-fic-gta01-latest.bin as of 2007-10-11
> OpenMoko-openmoko-devel-image-glibc-ipk-P1-Snapshot-20071019-fic-gta01.rootfs.jffs2
> I don't think the problem is with the rootfs, because I changed that
> and still have the same problem (and anyway it's not touching the
> rootfs until it loads the kernel).
> I don't know if it's the reflashing that did it, or if I set some
> setting somewhere (I guess in the NVRAM?) that's confusing it.
> Has anyone else experienced this? Tips on where to look?
> -Nick

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