Anyone lucky to make phone calls in Switzerland ?

Doug Sutherland doug at
Thu Oct 25 07:47:41 CEST 2007


My understanding is that a phone will only ask for PIN code 
if it is in "PIN check" mode, which is optional, and is usually 
turned off by default. The PIN check mode is optional extra
security you set if you want to make sure nobody can pick 
up your phone and look at your information or make calls. 
This is generic GSM information, not specific to Neo.

If the PIN check mode is set, on power-up the phone will
ask for the PIN. If the PIN is entered incorrectly many 
times (usually ten times) then it will ask for a PUK code 
(Pin Unlock Code), which your wireless provider has. If 
the PUK code is entered incorrectly several times then the
SIM card will permanently lock. This is expected behavior,
to prevent someone from using a stolen or found phone. 
At least this is how it works in North America, but GSM 
is a global standard, so should be true there also.

So my question would be, why is it asking for a PIN code
at all? If not in "secure power on" aka "PIN check" mode
it should not require a PIN code. I suggest, put it in regular 
phone, go to phone settings and turn PIN code check 
mode off. Then put the SIM back in Neo and try it. 

Doug Sutherland

Proficio Research

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