Anyone lucky to make phone calls in Switzerland ? [positive]

Markus Fischer info at
Thu Oct 25 20:12:55 CEST 2007

Yes, I've been able to make a phone call in Switzerland with the Neo, also 
Sunrise card, but not prepaid version.

On the OpenSource day in Zurich, when Mickey Lauer had his spoke on the 
OpenMoko, there was a guy from Basel who said, that there is a kind of "bad" 
SIM-card from sunrise. He also had trouble with getting the card working.

Resulting in getting a new one as a replacement from sunrise.


PS: been able to make a phone call. But at the moment it is quite funny, if 
the phone that is been calling, don't answers the call, and you press the 
stop button on the Neo, the other phone will continue to ring... ;-)

You have to shut down your device to stop ringing the other phone. The bug is 
beeing discussed on Bugzilla already.

Am Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2007 06:51 schrieb Carlo Dapor:
> I have a gta01bv4.
> All attempts to accessing a sunrise prepaid SIM card have failed.
> Tried different kernels, different jffs2 files, you name it.
> Sometimes I only see the PIN prompt twice.
> With all the attempts, the SIM should be blocked by now.
> When I place it into a simple cell phone, though, after entering the
> PIN I can connect to the network and place calls, send SMS etc.
> Has anyone had more luck ?
> Which kernel was used, which rootfs ?
> Thanks.

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