Touchscreen problem?

Markus Schlichting m.schlichting at
Mon Oct 29 13:03:01 CET 2007

Hi Comsin, have you read my post from last night "Bad Display? :-(" 
You problem sounds, from this generic point of yur description, very similar 
to mine. 
I've mentioned some commands you can use to recalibrate and/or test the 
display, may that would help - or, at least the debug output of those 
programs postet here could help to find the problem.

- Markus

Am Montag, 29. Oktober 2007 11:11:51 schrieb Cosmin Humeniuc:
> Hello,
> The first time I booted Neo, it worked fine. Then I turned it off, and
> then back on, and now the touchscreen doesn't seem to work anymore. I
> mean, when I touch it, the backlight goes on, but the buttons on the
> screen can't be pressed. I also tried pushing the power button, and
> the shutdown menu appeared, but the on-screen buttons were still not
> responding.
> Has this happened to anyone?
> Cosmin

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