openmoko at rcie.de openmoko at rcie.de
Wed Oct 31 00:17:20 CET 2007

Hi all,

since a while i keep getting the following error during build via 

"FEHLER 404: Not Found." seems to occure on download from 
http://downloads.openmoko.org while the given resource is not available 
(In most cases other version of the same package are available.):

Auflösen des Hostnamen »downloads.openmoko.org«....
Verbindungsaufbau zu downloads.openmoko.org||:80... verbunden.
HTTP Anforderung gesendet, warte auf Antwort... 404 Not Found
22:48:42 FEHLER 404: Not Found.

Find the full log here 

Despite these errors build succeeds, though it leaves me with the 
impression, something's missing.

Anything I can do to fix this?

Cheers, Marc

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