Documentation, modules, keyboard, loading

clare u5618 at
Fri Sep 7 03:00:52 CEST 2007

Dear all, I am finding it very hard to learn from the documentation
I think I am supposed to use. especially there are a huge number of 
interesting pages at /wiki/ but no list of them I am having to make my own
as I find them.
I have found nothing about how I am supposed to get the right modules
loaded once I  go to kernel 2.6.22.

I last had a good result with these parts

and they are repeatable, I can go back after bad experiences and they 
work. (I am not zeroing the nand, believing that dfu-util now does 
zeroing). (And by good I mean that I can get a terminal working).

Since mid August things went downhill. THe version in which Terminal 
brought up a matchbox keyboard somehow broke it so that many keys did not 
work at all (e.g. [] ( which I saw a bug about) and Ret, and Esc and Bksp 
- the whole unusable as I was unable to make a ctrl[ to do Esc.

Various other problems. I expected to see these on the mailing lists or 
the wiki, but found nothing.
My latest try at the official site failed to boot at all. Could that be 
due to wrong modules? Or not zeroing - ?
Is it only me having these problems? - And please note I am obviously not 
a developer, but I am excellent at breaking buggy software :)


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