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clare u5618 at
Sun Sep 9 07:32:18 CEST 2007

On Fri, 7 Sep 2007, Jay Vaughan wrote:

> When you upgrade the kernel, you also need to install the appropriate modules 
> package .. Check your source (for the above images) for a matching 
> modules-*.ipk file, and install that as well.  Doing this will set up your 
> local filesystem to match your booting kernel image ..

As yet I have only found modules files which are .tgz,(in the Official 
repository and in Scaredycat's.) However after I installed 
again, I found I have some modules in 
root at fic-gta01:/lib/modules/ I also have modules for
the previous kernel 2.6.21 which puzzles me. Why were they not lost when 
it was overwritten?)

These are probably the essential ones, there seem to be many more in the 
file modules-

Although I have the usb0 device in the laptop and can log in from there to 
the Neo, I have yet to comprehend the usb networking. I can scp files into 
the Neo but as yet can't get it to access files from outside itself.
The document
assumes the laptop is in net 192.168.0 and it will take me a while to
work out what to do about that. Changing my current networks would be
a big job.

I would really like to see items in the wiki dated, and the version of
phone and software quoted, so that outdated or irrelevant items can be
ignored, and possibly removed.

Thank you,
more later

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