Mundane: How does one carry the Neo

Sean C. McCord openmoko at
Sun Sep 9 21:50:50 CEST 2007

Lanyard, Pouch, Stylus, Lunchbox Case...

I am at a total loss as to how to properly carry the Neo.  The big,
beautiful screen begs to be covered in some manner, but I find the pouch
to be far too difficult to insert and retrieve the Neo.  The lanyard
around the neck works to keep the Neo out of pockets' dangers, but then
it bounces and snags on things as I walk.  (Perhaps I should have gone
to princess school or something...)  The lunchbox case, oddly, allows
for quick retrieval, as compared to the pouch, but it could hardly be
appelled "sleek".

Then, there is the problem with the stylus.  Though it is true that the
most necessary items are finger-accessible in 2007.2, that handy stylus
is just too convenient with its built-in pen, pointer, and light.  I
hardly desire to leave it at home.

I think what is needed is a proper carrying case.  The
Blackberry[TM][C][Evil][ControlEverything][Danger] has a
fairly large screen, and there exist very functional cases for it;
however, there is no stylus in mind for that.  A snap-to case with a
stylus side-rider would be a significant improvement.

Perhaps I am missing some excellent method of carry?  Perhaps there are
better ideas, or some master leather-/cloth-/plastic-workers out there?
Is this a subject too nascent to have mind-share at this point?

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