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Rod Whitby rod at
Mon Sep 10 03:34:56 CEST 2007

Daniel Hembree wrote:
> I'm unable to get either of rootfs images at
> to work, neither the one for Sept 6th nor 8th. The gmsd fails when
> booting and if I try to start it manually it freezes the machine. The
> last one I've been able to use is the one from Sept 2nd. It works if I
> use someone's suggestion of stopping and starting it in the
> /etc/init.d/rmnologin file.

Here's my recipe for current image boot and gsm registration success:

1) Get into u-boot console by stopping the bootloader with the AUX
button and using ttyACM0 on the host.  Remove "console=ttyACM0,115200"
from bootargs_base

(This tip from Harald in

2) ipkg upgrade from buildhost to the latest versions of all packages.
(You might need to ipkg remove -force-depends libmokojournal2 and ipkg
install libmokojournal2-0 if your starting from a very old rootfs)

3) Build and install from SVN revision 2946 for openmoko-dialer2 (this
revision fixes a bug which stops you from being able to dial).

4) Restart gsmd in /etc/matchbox/session

5) You can also comment out the "load-sample startup" line from
/etc/pulse/session if you need to not have the reboot wake up your 2yr
old daughter ...

Yes, that's the current state of the GTA01 software - you have to go
through all these hoops just to be able to reliably make a phone call
after boot.

-- Rod

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