Mundane: How does one carry the Neo

Sean C. McCord openmoko at
Mon Sep 10 07:21:45 CEST 2007

On Mon, Sep 10, 2007 at 08:42:57AM +1000, clare wrote:
> But for portability I will want a
> smaller neater stylus, like the one on my Motorola A925 that slots into 
> the Motorola itself, so that I can put it in my pocket with no case if I 
> want to. 

Yes, this must be the first stylus device I have seen devoid of a
stylus slot.  Even my decidedly unmobile graphics tablet has a stylus
slot!  Still, I suppose it is a bit late in the game to be redesigning
the chassis of out Neo.  As to the smaller, neater stylus:  that seems
to be a good idea more apt to be able to fit in some cobbled adherent
stylus dock.  Perhaps I should try one of my old Palm stylii.  Then,
though, there would be lost that cat-fun-style laser pointer...

> I have rigged up a cord on the stylus and attached it to the 
> phone. 

Inelegant, perhaps, but effective.  I had not thought of this; though
with the lanyard, it may actually be easier to rig a permanent place for
the full stylus.  Perhaps a loop feed-though?  A long, thin leather or
rubber pocket running part of the length of the lanyard?

> And I did take its batteries out, far too dangerous, and
> with no protectors on the buttons when it is carried with other things.
\ | /
--*--  Oops.
/ | \
> I also MUST have a way of carrying spare phone batteries, because this 
> USB charging so far seems to require a PC.

This, at least, should be a simple proposition.  Whatever case is
designed should easily be able to have a couple of slots for batteries
so long as this is meditated before-hand.

> When someone finds a suitable 
> charger that will run off a car battery please tell me. 

That _would_ be nice, yes.

> One of the main 
> purposes of a mobile phone is to be mobile. I no longer have to wake 
> strange dogs to get help if I break down going home at night.

'Tisn't the dogs what worry me.  Of course, this is probably a regional

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