Neo, uboot, and Bricks

Ricky arcanericky at
Mon Sep 10 18:22:17 CEST 2007

Not having a debug board, I've been very careful to stay away from anything
concerning uboot.  I've never connected to my Neo while in uboot mode until
the "nand erase blah blah" command needed to be used to flash the
2007.2images.  Now there seems to be a problem with a UART switching
modes between
a console and gsm and the current workaround is to remove the
console=/dev/ttySAC... from the bootargs_env.  This workaround does indeed
get my Neo running again after setting it and performing a saveenv
afterwards.  All this leads to my question(s).

Can my Neo be bricked my messing around with the settings in uboot mode and
writing them to flash?  What dangers are there in playing around with some
of the settings in uboot mode?

Finally, how will I eventually add the console=/dev/tty... back to
bootargs_env?  By going into and editing it again - and possibly risk
bricking it?  Or does reflashing the kernel bring it back again?

I'm not normally afraid to experiment - I just don't want to brick my Neo
and would like to know the dangers involved here.
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