CuteCom for U-Boot interaction

Andy Poling andy at
Tue Sep 11 03:53:43 CEST 2007

I just wanted to share a little discovery I made yesterday.  If you're using a
linux workstation to talk to the U-Boot console, I recommend you try an
X-based (I guess it's technically QT-based) application called "cutecom".

It's designed specifically to talk to devices like this.  It makes it easy to
configure the port to use, to open and close/release the port, and it doesn't
try to be a fancy terminal emulator.  Instead, it provides an input window and
an output window, and it makes it easy to recall and edit previous commands
(even remembering them between sessions), can keep a log, etc.

On my Ubuntu workstation, it was easily installed with "apt-get install


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