Neo, uboot, and Bricks

Cesar Eduardo Barros cesarb at
Tue Sep 11 13:39:41 CEST 2007

Ricky escreveu:
> Can my Neo be bricked my messing around with the settings in uboot mode 
> and writing them to flash?  What dangers are there in playing around 
> with some of the settings in uboot mode?

It definitely can, see for instance the story at

> Finally, how will I eventually add the console=/dev/tty... back to 
> bootargs_env?  By going into and editing it again - and possibly risk 
> bricking it?  Or does reflashing the kernel bring it back again?

By going back and editing it; the kernel is completely separate from 
that, so reflashing the kernel will make no difference at all.

> I'm not normally afraid to experiment - I just don't want to brick my 
> Neo and would like to know the dangers involved here.

If you only change the bootargs, there should be no danger, since you 
can still get to u-boot even if it's completely wrong. The dangerous 
environment variables would be those which either prevent you from 
getting into u-boot, or (as in the story mentioned above) make it not 
work correctly.

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