Phone won't boot with new latest u-boot

Rod Whitby rod at
Thu Sep 13 02:46:49 CEST 2007

Terje Sannum wrote:
> Today I flashed my phone with the latest u-boot. No problem with the
> flashing, and starting the phone in u-boot menu and reflashing the
> kernel and rootfs also was successful. But when trying a normal boot,
> the phone just hangs at the splashscreen (same before reflashing
> kernel/rootfs). Any ideas?

There is a problem in the rootfs that causes the kernel to hang during
gsmd startup/shutdown.

See OMbug 788 for the gory details.

There is one workaround at

There is an alternative workaround at

One would have thought that a critical bug like this which completely
freezes the phone, and which has one workaround determined 5 days ago,
and a second one determined 2 days ago, would have had one of those
work-arounds committed and deployed into the snapshot images that new
device owners are downloading and flashing ... so that device owners
such as yourself don't have to deal with it.

It has nothing to do with the version of u-boot you flashed, so don't be
concerned that you might have bricked it.

-- Rod

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