Anyone try the Qtopia(trolltech) release on their neo 1973?

John Locke mail at
Thu Sep 20 02:17:46 CEST 2007

Giles Jones wrote:
> On 19 Sep 2007, at 22:38, polz wrote:
>> On Wednesday 19 September 2007 22:49:40 Mark wrote:
>>> Works pretty well, but with the volume all the way up I get feedback,
>>> and either way its hard to hear on my phone, anyone else getting the
>>> same problem
>> Don't you have the same problem with openmoko ?
>> The people I talk to are always complaining about hearing themselves
>> on the
>> phone.
> There's a sidechain slider on the mixer, dropping that helps, it's on
> the first page. I can't remember the exact name without looking.

I got the echo to disappear by turning the sidetone slider down in
alsamixer - now it sounds like every other cell phone I have, according
to people I talk with.

I'm not finding yesterday's release to be particularly stable, however.
The screen turns off after 20 seconds, and at some point after that
power management kicks in and the device apparently suspends. Sometimes
it comes back by clicking the AUX key, but more often the screen flashes
a couple times and then the gui restarts. Once this has happened, calls
aren't reliable anymore--even though it shows a connection to my
carrier, it won't place a call.

You can restart Qtopia, and then the network re-connects and I can
dial--but after doing this, while I can hear others speak, they can't
hear me. Had it out and about today, so I don't know if the Mic volume
was turned down or what--but it all starts working again after a reboot...

Definitely miss the console app, the media player, and the feed reader,
but it's definitely an improvement for using it as a phone at the moment...


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