start-to-finish howto?

Karsten Ensinger at
Thu Sep 20 08:08:11 CEST 2007

ian douglas wrote:
 > [...]
> I'd appreciate it if anyone can point me to some sort of step-by-step 
> guide, or break it down into "follow the instructions from this wiki 
> page, then this wiki page, then this wiki page". Sorry if I sound like a 
> newb on this, I'm just getting pretty lost looking through article after 
> article on the the wiki, since some of the instructions assume you have 
> a debug board, which I do not.
 > [...]

To be on the save side, follow first this:

Then go to your build results (build/tmp/deploy/...) and follow this:

If you are interested in some more details regarding setup of u-boot,
look at this:

Hope this helps out.


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