gsmd: need hints for troubleshooting

Zak lba777 at
Tue Sep 25 01:41:01 CEST 2007


I have been able to make calls manually using the instructions in the wiki -
The only oddity was, as the author notes, I did have to power cycle
the GSM module
to get the prompt - "AT-Command Interpreter Ready"

After successfully testing the GSM manually, I started the gsmd and
tried using the openmoko-dialer in vain. The /tmp/gsm.log file
contains the lines attached to the end of this email. I also find that
the applet of top menu disappears whenever I power on the GSM module
using the pull-down menu.

Any hints for debugging or fixing this trouble would be appreciated.


Thu Jan  1 00:33:17 1970 <1> atcmd.c:415:ml_parse() Clearing mlbuf
Thu Jan  1 00:35:09 1970 <1> atcmd.c:210:ml_parse() buf=`%CSQ:  19, 99,
Thu Jan  1 00:35:09 1970 <1> atcmd.c:278:ml_parse() extd reply `%CSQ:
19, 99, 2' to cmd `NONE', must be unsolicited
Thu Jan  1 00:35:09 1970 <1> vendor_ti.c:78:csq_parse() entering
csq_parse param=` 19, 99, 2'
Thu Jan  1 00:35:09 1970 <1> unsolicited.c:69:usock_evt_send() entering
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