Daily Snapshot Review 31 January 2008

Kevin Dean kevin at foreverdean.info
Sun Feb 3 05:04:52 CET 2008

Please forgive my tardiness in getting this review out. Friday saw
some excellent things happen and most of today I spent under my car.

The "good" news is that this is still a review of the latest official
snapshot at this time, so I didn't miss "much".

The full review can be found at:

Boot time in this snapshot is down from the previous image and the
overall system seems snappy again.

SMS works well in both directions but delivery notifications do
nothing (that I can tell).

I found a typo in openmoko-panel-bluetooth and raised a bug as well as
a patch (it was just a typo correction. :) )

I raised a bug in Neod - it displays an option to turn off or turn on
Bluetooth but this doesn't actually do it.

I found that one game that's included, Solo, can't be played because
there is no longer a panel applet to pull up the keyboard. It's
possible there are other issues in Games I've just not found them yet.
A bug was raised.

I've changed the way I rate "Incoming Call Quality". My previous
reviews listed them as "Bad" because of the microphone picking up all
ambient noise. I realized, however, that this is a local issue and
this noise isn't transmitted across the line. So despite the crappy
sound on OUR side, callers still hear clear voice. I figured it would
be best to make this distinction and I  decided to do it there.

My recommendation is that users update to this image. For all my
testing over the past day and a half I had minor issues overall.

-Kevin Dean

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