WiP: dfu-util for Windows

Joachim Steiger roh at openmoko.org
Wed Feb 6 18:32:25 CET 2008

many thanks for this new attempt on getting dfu-util to win32.

there were some initial experiments within OM mid last year but i think
the development stalled at some point due to problems with libusb on
windows and more important work at that time.

it would be really cool if you can get dfu-util working stable on win32.
i would like to see linux, osx and win32 versions working since this
would mean _everyone_ can update to new snapshots (and at some time also
to releases ;)

please keep me in the loop about your process.

kind regards

any ui-developers for win32/osx? later i would like to see some simple
tool which checks http for a list of available images and lets the user
select, download and flash images (via dfu), even without any technical


Joachim Steiger
developer relations/support

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