Picture viewer?

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at openmoko.org
Sat Feb 9 12:09:57 CET 2008

On Saturday 09 February 2008 00:42:03 Clarke Wixon wrote:
> Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey at ...> writes:
> > ipkg install gpe-gallery.
> . . . which works, but is s-l-o-w when reading 8 megapixel digicam
> pictures, for example.  Probably with sanely-sized pictures it would be
> quite a bit better.
> I thought somebody was working on a moko-specific picture viewer
> A good implementation for OpenMoko would probably have a fairly minimal
> user interface (finger-scrolled picture list, with the viewer employing
> drag-to-pan + big finger buttons to zoom in and out by factors of two) and
> use something like efl's epeg to allow large pictures to be rendered
> relatively quickly when zoomed way out.

Agreed. I see two viable options:

a) Use gpe-gallery and add an OpenMoko specific UI on top of it -- provided it 
has a sane separation between UI and application logic.

b) Use EFL (in C or python) to write a slick pictureviewer from scratch -- 
utilizing epsilon for thumbnails.

Personally, I'm leaning towards b).


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