PIN entry does not work any more

Tilman Klar phoenix at
Mon Feb 18 11:51:27 CET 2008

Hi Erin,

I also followed the bug down to the libgsmd and from my point of view,  
this seems like an issue related to the lgsm_pin() function. I'm not  
too much into these things yet, but from what I read, the function  
should at least do an AT+CPIN? prior before submitting the actual PIN  
using AT+CPIN="....". I tried to set up the environment (using  
MokoMakeFile) but somehow, after the first successful build of the  
whole project, I always get an error when using "make update  
openmoko-devel-image". I would be glad to be of more help here.


Quoting Erin Yueh <erin_yueh at>:

> Hi All, I am afraid that it's a bug from gsmd part. Are you using a
> daily build image between 02/13 and 02/15?
> I found it's an at command buffer length problem and committed gsmd
> code on Feb 15 (r4066). Could
> you update to the latest gsmd version or use the latest daily build
> rootfs image? It should probably
> solve this PIN problem. If no, please let us know. I will follow up
> this issue. Thanks!
> Regards,
> Erin
> Tilman Klar wrote:
>> Hello Matthias,
>> could it be that that you encountered the same behavior, I   
>> encountered earlier last week? I filed a bug on that:   
>> BR,
>> Tilman
>> Quoting Matthias Barmeier <barmeier at>:
>>> Hi,
>>> after upgrading to the 1402 image and the 2.6.24 kernel I am not able
>>> to enter the PIN.
>>> The Dialog shows up, but does not register the card to the network.
>>> I have checked two SIM cards in the neo and an other phone. Both SIM
>>> cards are working
>>> in my all day phone but not when inserted in the neo.
>>> Any hints for diagnostics or workarounds ??
>>> Ciao
>>>   Matthias
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