Peter Brewer at
Mon Feb 18 16:28:41 CET 2008

Got networking working now, so happy about that.  In the ssh'ed into the phone 
and changed the vi file from there.

Does anyone know how you copy a file over ssh from the phone to a desktop.


On Monday 18 February 2008 15:18:38 Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> Peter Brewer writes:
> >I've been running the daily builds recently and feel they are often stable
> >enough for use, however every time I install a new build it wipes all the
> > pim data.
> >
> >I was wondering if anyone knows of a backup solution or synchronisation
> >solution.
> Two-part answer:  I've got /home set as a symbolic link to the SD
> card.  After flashing a new image, I just need to reset the symbolic
> link.
> I've backed it up using rsync.
> >Also, I have been struggling with getting networking working due to the
> >keyboard without controlls for vim, can anyone offer any advice?
> ssh

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