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Hello Philippe,

There are a few major reasons why puchasing just the mainboard is not
feasible for OpenMoko and the community.  The cost of the board was
projected to be ~80% of the base kit, therefore if the base phone is going
to retail for $450, the mainboard will hover around ~$350, in that case
making in not practical to just sell the mainboard.  In addition, it's
better to have more fully functioning OM phones floating around.

Please check the ML archives (July 07) for a more detailed explanation.


On Feb 19, 2008 3:53 PM, andy selby <andyfrommk at googlemail.com> wrote:

> > I want  to know if  it'll be  possible to change  for a GTA02  CPU (or
> > card) without buy the case...
> No chance, we cant even buy a GTA02 mainboard because it wont fit into
> a case designed for a GTA01.
> > Or will  it be  possible to overclock  (I think  it's not a  good idea
> > because of t° but...)
> That, and battery life, or lack of it.
> There are no jumpers to my knowledge so overclocking may only be
> possible if wires are soldered over joints.
> I had toyed with the idea of a floppy printed cable-style sheet, pre
> wired and moulded to fit on the pcb making the power connections to
> the cpu so as to overclock it (and taking additional power form the
> usb port).
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