Philippe MONROUX phi2-monroux at wanadoo.fr
Wed Feb 20 02:12:42 CET 2008

De (from) (von) <kylebassett at gmail.com> :

> Hello Philippe,

Hello Kyle,
> There are  a few major reasons  why puchasing just  the mainboard is
> not feasible for OpenMoko and  the community.  The cost of the board
> was projected  to be  ~80% of  the base kit,  therefore if  the base
> phone is going  to retail for $450, the  mainboard will hover around
> ~$350,  in  that case  making  in not  practical  to  just sell  the
> mainboard.  In addition, it's  better to have more fully functioning
> OM phones floating around.

Sure. Thanks.

Philippe MONROUX

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